Mad Dog Mail Wins at Pollies

Mad Dog Mail Wins at Pollies

A campaign manager asked me last week how we were able to make it work, being outside of Washington. Winning races and great, compelling creative that really connects with voters is the answer, but more than that it is the focus of Mad Dog Mail.

We want to thank all of our clients for giving us the opportunity to do great work and for trusting us with their campaigns.

Overall, Mad Dog picked up twelve awards for 2012:

  • Best Overall Direct Mail Campaign (Democrat)
  • Bilingual/Multilingual/Foreign Language – Mayor (Democrat)
  • Best Use of Early Voting/Absentee Ballot (Democrat)
  • 2 awards in Best Direct Mail For Mayor (Democrat)
  • Vote-By-Mail Ballot Request (Democrat)
  • Best Use of Humor (Democrat)
  • Best Use of Negative Contrast (Democrat)
  • Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Direct Mail
  • Ballot Initiative For Membership Organization
  • 2 awards in Best Use of Illustration (Democrat) 

(View a slideshow of winners here)

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