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Mad Dog Mail Helps Brian Sims Make History

“Josephs, who was elected when Ronald Reagan was President, was simply overwhelmed by Sims’ direct mail and field effort.”
– Newsworks, April 24, 2012

Mad Dog Mail is proud to have helped elect Pennsylvania’s first openly gay Representative on Tuesday – Brian Sims.

Brian ran a textbook campaign with a robust mail plan that propelled him to victory over an incumbent who had held the seat since 1984.

Newsworks reported, “Josephs, who was elected when Ronald Reagan was President, was simply overwhelmed by Sims’ direct mail and field effort. A veteran committeeman from the 8th ward told me he’d never seen anything like it: 10 direct mail pieces and two election day door hangers, with plenty of sneakers on the street.”

Working with Tiffany Muller at the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, Daniel Gotoff at Lake Research Partners, and Eric Smith at True Stories Research, we crafted a communications plan centered around Brian’s personal story and his desire to be a new kind of Democrat – bold, principled, and ready to fight.

Brian’s win comes after Mad Dog helped elect LGBT candidates, Mike Laster to the Houston City Council and Zach Adamson to the Indianapolis City Council. Earlier in 2011, we also worked with an independent expenditure effort in North Carolina to help elect LaWana Mayfield to the Charlotte City Council.

We are proud to be a part of Brian Sims’ victory, and we look forward to working with LGBT candidates to break down barriers across the country.

Mad Dog Mail Wins at the Pollies

It’s one thing to win a Pollie for an individual piece, but winning Pollies for entire campaign says something about the quality of work that a firm produces from the start of the campaign to Election Day. 

Mad Dog Mail was honored to win the two highest awards for Democratic direct mail series – winning Best Overall Direct Mail Campaign and Best Overall Use of Negative Contrast. (View a slideshow of winners here)

Our mailplan for Chad Lauga who ran in Louisiana’s 2011 state legislative races won the Best Overall Direct Mail Campaign (Democrat).

And our work knocking off Republican incumbent Rickey Nowlin, a rare Democratic pickup in 2011, won Best Overall Use of Negative Contrast (Democrat).

Mad Dog also picked up seven more awards including our work for:

• Building a Better Georgia in Best Use of Negative Contrast in Public Affairs
• Victory Fund in Best Independent Expenditure Campaign in Local/Municipal (Democrat)
• Louisiana Rep. Kenny Cox in Best Use of Humor (Democrat)
• Louisiana Rep. Stephen Ortego in Best Use of Negative Contrast in State/Statewide (Democrat)
• Victory Fund in Negative/Contrast in Local/Municipal (Democrat)
• Missouri House candidate Paul Woody in Special Election Direct Mail (Democrat)
• St. Louis Assessor Jake Zimmerman in Special Election Direct Mail (Democrat)
(View a slideshow of winners here)

Our success at the polls in 2011 in Louisiana – beating two incumbent Republicans, winning four open seats, and re-electing every incumbent State House Member – has now been further recognized with these prestigious awards which are judged by our peers in the business.
We are proud of the work we did for our clients in 2011, and we are looking forward to another great year in 2012.

We work hard. We do what it takes to win.
If you would like to talk to us about being a part of your team, please call Jon Anderson or Owen Shackelford at (904) 310-6409.  No one will fight harder for you.